Saturday, January 1, 2011

Save the Date

In case you've missed it, or hadn't heard, the 2nd Annual Wyman's Pond Music Fest will be held on Saturday July 30th. Same place, same time, with some of the same musicians, and a few new ones! Plus: electricity! We hope to see you there, and more details will follow over the winter and spring as they develop.

Please check out this year's site, and become a "follower" to stay up to date on announcements, developments and changes from last year.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


If you are a fan of the musicians that played this year's festival, and you'd like to keep up with their goings-on, and you have a Twitter account, here is a handy list to assist you. Some of them tweet more than others, and a few often feel like they are MIA, but here you go!
Enjoy the up-to-the-minute doings of these fantastic local artists, and never miss any of their shows or music releases again. Alas, if you don't see a link for your favorite, he or she doesn't have a Twitter account at this time...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Post-Event Thank You

First of all, I'd like to publicly thank the musicians who took the time to entertain us all yesterday. Without their talent, the day wouldn't have been possible: Almanac Mountain (Christopher A. Cote), Elizabeth Lorrey, Lee Villaire, Vanessa Kafka (and Brian & Carl), James McGarvey III, and last-minute addition Kenneth Budka - all of your efforts were much appreciated, and the day was unforgettable due to all of your amazing contributions.

Next: thank you to all of the attendees. Beautiful summer days like yesterday have been few and far between this year, and I am glad that you all chose to spend it down at my family's lakefront lot (Niemi Cove!) for this amazing event. The turnout was phenomenal (sixty people!), and it was terrific to have you all there. Thanks for participating in this endeavor, and for supporting local music!

If you have any stories, memories or photos you'd like to see in print here, please send them to for consideration, with "okay to print" somewhere in the e-mail. The more the merrier!

I'll be updating with my own stories, festival background info, t-shirt status updates, etc... as the mood strikes me. Also, as soon as "Event Shutterbug" Rob V. sets it up, I'll post a link to all of his fine shots from throughout the day.

And finally, if you loved any (or all!) of the performers you heard & saw yesterday, you can find up-to-date live show listings at my main blog: Not Lame Minus. I've been posting all of their New England dates for over a year now, and it's a handy place to find all of the musicians' showtimes in one place, as well as links to their official sites (which are also listed on the side column of this blog).

The 1st annual WPMF is in the books!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Big Day!

Good morning!

The sun is already shining, and it's going to be between 76-81 degrees today, with blue skies and a slight breeze. A great day for live music, swimming, and food cooked outdoors! I'll be heading down at ten or so to do some last minute staging. There will be around 75 people (maybe more) attending the event over the course of the day, including close to 20 kids!

Doors open at noon, and the first performer is scheduled for 2 pm. It's going to be an amazing day of fantastic New England musicians sharing their talents for fans old and new. The schedule is listed to the right, just above the performer links. Don't forget to check out the General FAQ for answers to any questions you might have. Or call me at the number listed on the E-vite.

See you all there!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Weather Report

I've been watching The Weather Channel religiously for the last week or so, and it looks like we are in amazing luck: the forecast is for temperatures around 76-80 F, and mostly sunny, with LOW humidity. Sweet! ☺ So plan accordingly, clothing-wise (bring swimwear!).

Saturday, July 24, 2010

One Week to Go!

We are just a week away from what should be a great day in music history!

Musicians: Please check over the Musician FAQ, and if you need anything after a reread, call me. Nothing is too small to inquire about, and my phone number has been in every e-mail I sent.

Guests: Please reread the General FAQ, which has everything you need know to make the day a successful one for you & your family. And remember, if you haven't already done so: you must reply to the e-vite (or have wooden nickels in hand) to gain entry - there will be no exceptions! An accurate headcount is crucial to the success of this event. If you need the e-vite resent, e-mail me, or leave me a Facebook note.

As you can see, at this point there is no one scheduled to go on at noon, so take your time wandering in. I may have something for 1 pm, otherwise just be prepared to enjoy the water and sun (:::fingers crossed:::), whatever you bring for a leisurely lunch, and mingling with the performers, until Almanac Mountain takes the stage at 2 pm.

I can't wait to see all of you, and share this once in a lifetime musical experience! ♫♪♪♫

Friday, July 16, 2010

Wooden Nickels Are In

I just received the box of wooden nickel entry tokens/souvenirs today, and they are very cool!

Each musician should send his/her mailing address to so I can send them out to you ASAP. This is the only way for your four invited guests (who are not on the general e-vite) save your significant other to get into the festival. If you have already responded to the e-mail I sent out on the 12th, they will go in the mail today or tomorrow. Otherwise they will be sent out the day I receive the required info. I will update this post as I hear from you and send out the nickels.

Finally, all festival-goers will receive one to take home at the event (while supplies last)! And once again, please make sure you respond to the e-vite (with your # of guests), or you will not be allowed in.

Update (Wed 7/21): I will be sending out mailers for James, Elizabeth and Almanac Mountain this Thursday morning.